BCDR Planning and Integration

Clearview’s BCDR practice leverages a common, industry-leading methodology that is designed to provide critical information for management decisions at key points throughout the BCDR Planning, Testing and Implementation process.  Each step in the process prepares for the next step in the process; thereby reducing the potential for redundant activities.  As a general rule, the most significant impact on time to complete a project of this nature occurs in the early stages when identifying requirements and specific needs. The Clearview methodology, as depicted below, provides an end-to-end roadmap to take a BCDR initiative from concept to implementation and ongoing support.

We begin working with clients by developing a BCDR Roadmap.  The BCDR Roadmap (in Red) is represented by the first 3 phases in the methodology and culminates in a Technical Recovery Strategy and Business Continuity Strategy.  These key strategies focus on the true priorities of the business to avoid “over-baking” the analysis, planning and implementation efforts.  In order to provide quality deliverables @ speed, Clearview assigns industry leading, Senior Business Continuity Planners and Senior Technical Architects.

Clearview has leveraged the BCDR practice to design and develop customer specific BCDR solutions including BCDR office suites and Disaster Recovery Data Center and Data Protection solutions both inside and outside Clearview’s Data Centers located in Dallas and Waco, Texas.

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