Data Center Migration, Consolidation & Virtualization

Clearview’s approach to Data Center Migration includes methods, activities and deliverables based on a cross section of our consulting practices including Infrastructure Virtualization, Data Center Migration and Consolidation Planning/Implementation.

Clearview’s Data Center Migration methodology is designed to provide critical information for management decisions at key points throughout the Migration Effort.  Each focus area is leveraged specifically to our customer needs.   The Clearview methodology provides an end-to-end roadmap to take a Migration initiative from concept to implementation.

Based on Clearview experiences with Data Center migrations into Clearview and non-Clearview data centers, we can help identify the risks and associated mitigation plans.  For example, many risks with data center migrations usually revolve around schedules of the data services provisioning and with the network provisioning and delivery.    Our team has deep understanding of all of these areas and will work with our clients to develop options/mitigations as these issues arise.

Our approach first focuses on a quick discovery and planning activities prior to launching preparatory initiatives including virtualization to better enable the migration, then concludes with the support of the actual migration and physical move.

data center migration

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