Managed Cloud Services

Flexible Hybrid Cloud Options Through Clearview’s Comprehensive Suite of Private, Hosted, & Public Cloud Solutions

Managed Cloud Services

Gain efficiency, agility, and productivity with Clearview’s comprehensive suite of integrated managed cloud solutions.  With an expert mix of private, hosted, and public cloud solutions, your business can share support of some or all of the time and capital-intensive  systems required for your enterprise environment. Our team of industry-certified and experienced engineers have a proven track record of providing innovative and reliable cloud solutions that capitalize on existing infrastructure to ensure seamless adoption and integration of cloud technology.  Clearview’s cloud services are purposefully engineered to provide alignment between your company’s strategic initiatives and IT processes so that you can drive drive productivity and accelerate new solution delivery.



Clearview’s enterprise-level Network Management Services provide network monitoring and remote hands expertise to optimize network performance and minimize downtime.   Our team of seasoned IT professionals will implement, manage, and monitor network devices as required to enhance your network resiliency and execution.

Network Services– Clearview provides advanced network services for internet, Layer II connectivity, VPN and SIP applications.

Load Balancing– we leverage load balancing devices to distribute large workloads across multiple resources, maximizing network performance and helping to prevent resource overload.

DNS Failover– for mission critical applications, we employ network DNS failover solutions to ensure multi-site application availability.




Looking for a smarter way to protect your data? Our fully-managed backup and replication services are perfect for companies who want to leverage the most efficient and resilient data protection agents without the hassle of managing the process and investing in the infrastructure. Our facilities are strategically postured to provide geographic and risk profile diversity to clients looking for multi-site deployments and disaster recovery solutions. Clearview Backup as a Service will help your business:

Protect your critical data–  we adhere to the highest industry standards of data protection- both in transit and at rest.  Rest assured your data is encrypted with FIPS compliant software and stored in our robustly secured Tier III data centers.

Reduce management complexity– our engineers develop custom plans inclusive of backup and retention policies, data replication scheduling, and archive management.  From concept design and process implementation to testing and maintenance, Clearview’s experts provide proactive management of the entire backup process.

Gain cost savings with scalability– your service can be scaled as you grow through the adoption of our cloud-based storage capacity, reducing your capital expenditure and saving you money in the long run.

Implement functional BCDR plans– adopt affordable, effective business continuity plans; leverage the latest cloud technology to spin backups into virtual machines in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment.



Improve your security posture and gain comprehensive regulatory compliance with Clearview’s Security as a Service solutions.  Clearview’s suite of network security options includes hardware, software, and associated management services, to include firewall, virtual private network (VPN) connections, intrusion detection & protection, and encryption. We offer a hybrid mix of high performance integrated network and cloud security measures to protect your data, using your systems when are where required.

Firewall Management– our firewall management services extend from sourcing, implementation, and optimization to 24×7 monitoring, incident response, and lifecycle management.  From network firewalls to web application firewalls (WAF), we can protect your mission critical information with appropriate tuning to balance performance with security requirements.

Intrusion Detection & Protection– our intrusion and detection services provide a highly robust layer of protection designed to protect your critical information from continuously evolving cyber security threats. Our expert staff work diligently to provide fine tuning and monitoring of IDS and IPS so that your business benefits from proactive network surveillance, monitoring, and remediation.  In turn you profit from robust, layered security against today’s complex vulnerabilities and a reduced burden associated with monitoring and managing this critical component of network security.



Leverage our secure petascale storage infrastructure accessible from any Internet-connected environment.  Benefit from cost savings realized by employing economies of scale without enduring expensive capital investments for the latest storage technologies.  We have partnered with innovating industry leaders Solidfire and Coraid to provide our consumer base an elite and broadly-servicing storage platform designed to deliver cost-effective results based on various performance requirements:

Fast All Flash SSD– designed for applications that require service-level guaranteed high performance; our SSD storage offering features clustered architecture for true high availability and a self-healing, RAID-less architecture that automates load balancing.

Deep & Affordable Block and File– our most economical storage solution, a highly resilient and robust storage platform best suited for large backup jobs and big data requirements.

Cloud Compute


Managed Cloud Compute solutions from Clearview span a wide spectrum of options to afford your business streamlined, cost-effective, and customized cloud platforms that are optimized to deliver high-performance deployments of IT infrastructure into the cloud.  We couple infrastructure-as-a-service with monthly management solutions and deliver scalable cloud computing resources at the lowest price possible.  Our approach to cloud services integrate private, multi-tenant, and public cloud offerings to provide your business the unique ability to leverage the appropriate mix of services from a single provider:

Private Cloud– employ Clearview-hosted custom-built virtual cloud environments on dedicated hardware; ideal for applications requiring stringent levels of security and control.

Multi-Tenant Cloud– leverage the power and security of dedicated hosting coupled with the flexibility and cost affordability of hybrid clouds; spin up and turn down computing resources as required through a dedicated virtual data center for optimal scalability and cost-savings.

Public Cloud– connect your IT infrastructure directly to the public cloud through our data center; benefit from our highly resilient, low-latency network access.

Virtual Data Center– deploy, configure, and monitor cloud resources quickly and efficiently from a customized and integrated virtual data center environment.

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